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Brand Development

Brand development is the essence of the Mind Miami methodology as it aims to improve the strategy and identity of our client’s brands. We develop all the tools necessary to communicate their brand and help position their brand values.


Web Development

Web development begins with the set-up of a domain and host followed by the creation of a functional website suitable to work on every device and screen-size. Our approach is directed to generating potential leads included in our 360° marketing approach.

We connect offline campaigns to online media providing useful information and call-to-actions to consumers. We also optimize search results with daily SEO tactics based on up-to-date reports.


Content Creation

We help optimize the way our client’s brand is presented to others with our content creation services. We take and edit photos and videos intended to educate, entertain or influence their audience.

Most importantly, we want to help you tell your story with professional media and written content.

Through copywriting, we create engaging messages or blogs relevant to your target audience.


Event Marketing

We develop event activations that drive consumer engagement and brand awareness.

By incorporating this experiential marketing to our client’s marketing plan, we help create a positive perception of their brand and create a real emotional connection with consumers.

We also offer printing services which include large format printing, stationary, POP materials and apparel products that add value to event activations.


Email Marketing

Our email marketing tactics include collection of databases, weekly newsletters, surveys and emails blasts to push special events and promotions of our clients.

We target customers and potential customers with effective email campaigns designed uniquely for every client.


Social Media Management

We specialize in Social Media Management by monitoring social media programming and participating in online interactions across all social media channels.

We engage with the different audiences and execute creative strategies that help increase reach and visibility.

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